Join The Grand Rapids Running Club


Why Join?

  1.  We hold regularly scheduled training runs.
  2. Running with a group provides extra motivation to run.
  3. We encourage a fit and active lifestyle.
  4. Running or walking with our club can help if you’re trying to lose weight.
  5. We have runners and walkers who run many different paces.
  6. Enjoy the camaraderie and encouragement.
  7. You’ll have the opportunity to plan trips to other races with other people!
  8. Our group is not just for runners. Our members include walkers and triathletes.
  9. Pick up training tips from veteran runners, walkers and triathletes.
  10. We understand why you want to run!

Mentor Group for the Fifth Third River Bank Run

Assistance through our mentoring program for new runners and those wishing to improve upon their past performances.
Training for the 2018 Fifth Third River Bank Run starts on the first Saturday of December at 8:00 a.m. and continues through the date of the River Bank Run. This program is free of charge.

GRRC Member Benefits:

Striders: 10% off  shoes and apparel.

The Runnery: 10% off shoes and apparel


Print off the PDF Registration Form