Club Bylaws

Article I. Name of Society
The name of this organization shall be Grand Rapids Running Club.

Article II. Object

  1. To develop and promote the sport of running.
  2. To provide support for runners and running activities in our community.
  3. To provide a communications liaison for runners of the community.
  4. To present runners and running as a positive asset to the community.
  5. To assist and encourage individuals interested in starting a running program.

Article III. Membership and Dues

  1. Membership shall consist of those people who have paid membership dues as established by the Executive Board. Each member is entitled to one vote.
  2. Dues may be paid in one sum or may be incorporated into race registration fees. The amount of dues and the manner in which they are charged will be determined by the Executive Board.

Article IV. Officers

1. Titles of Officers

The officers of the organization shall be as follows: President, President-Elect/Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Immediate Past-President.

2. Election of Officers

The Third Quarter newsletter will present a slate of nominations from the Executive Board and a request for any other nominations from the general membership.

The Fourth Quarter newsletter will contain a ballot for voting.

The election of officers will be held as follows: President and Secretary on even years, President-Elect/Vice President and Treasurer on odd years

3. Term of Office

All elected officers shall assume office on January 1. Each term of office is for two years.

4. Vacancy

In case of vacancy occurring in the office of the President, the President-Elect shall assume the office of President. In case of a vacancy occurring in the other officers, the Executive Board will appoint a replacement for the remainder of the term.

5. Duties of Officers.

A. President

The President shall preside at all meetings. He/she will establish the agenda for the meetings. He/she has the power to appoint committees. He/she shall represent the Running Club as a liaison between the community, the membership and the Executive Board. All actions as liaison shall be reported to the Officers.

When the President is unable to act as liaison, he/she may appoint a replacement from among the Officers.

B. President-Elect/Vice President

The President-Elect will fill the responsibilities of the President in his/her absence. He/she will be the chairperson of the nominating committee. He/she will be the liaison between the race committees and will assure that races are appropriately planned. He/she will have other duties as assigned by the President.

C. Secretary

The Secretary will keep the minutes of each meeting. He/she will generate the yearly race schedule set at the race directors meeting. He/she will be responsible for correspondence as directed by the Executive Board. He/she will maintain a record of all minutes and communications which will be given to the new secretary upon ending the term of office. He/she will gather and compile Runner of the Year points, determine the winner per age group and notify the runners.

Rules for ROY points:

  1. Only members get points. A nonmember who finishes ahead of a member in a race will be bypassed and the member will receive those points.
  2. When a member advances to another age group during the racing year, that member should sign up in the same age group that he/she began the running season if they are interested in keeping their accumulated points.
  3. If a member runs a different length than the designated miles of the race, he/she will not receive points or a place ribbon for that race.
  4. Points are counted starting from the date the member joins. There will be a grace period of 3 months from January 1 into the next year for membership. Delinquent members will be contacted by the membership committee in March before being eliminated from the membership list on April 1.

D. Treasurer

The Treasurer will submit to the Executive Board for approval all proposed expenditures equal to or exceeding $100.00. Emergency expenditures may be made with the approval of two other officers. A report will be filed at the next meeting. He/she will be responsible for race awards and Runner of the Year awards.

E. Immediate Past-President.

The Immediate Past-President will serve on the Nominating Committee. He/she will serve on the Audit Committee.

Article V. Executive Board

1. Members

The Executive Board shall consist of current officers, race directors, committee chairpersons, and any additional persons appointed by the Executive Board.

2. Executive Board Functions

A. To transact the routine business of the Running Club.

B. To prepare agendas and programs for the Running Club.

C. To review financial reports of the Treasurer.

D. To act upon budget requests.

E. To review the activities of committees.

F. To take necessary important actions between meetings.

Article VI. Committees.

  1. A Race Committee composed of the race directors for each race run by the Running Club.
  2. Historical/Statistical Committee – compiles and records pictures, articles and records.
  3. Nominations Committee – consisting of the Executive Board.
  4. Audit Committee.
  5. By-laws Committee.
  6. Public Relations Committee – promotion and liaison with the media.
  7. River Bank Run Liaison.
  8. Mentor Program Committee.
  9. Youth Committee.
  10. Newsletter Committee – publish newsletter, running event schedule.
  11. Membership Recruitment Committee.

Article VII. Meetings

1. Regular and Special Meetings

A general membership meeting will be held at least once a year immediately following the first race of the year in January.

2. Quorum

At all meetings, either regular or special, the members in good standing who are present shall constitute a quorum.

Article VIII. Benevolent Fund

The Officers have the power, by majority vote, to determine the distribution of funds as contributions to persons or organization. Each contribution must be voted on individually by the Officers. This vote shall be conducted at a special meeting of the Officers on a day other than a race day.

Article IX. Rules of Order

The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern this club in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the by-laws of this club.

Article X. Amendment

These by-laws may be amended by a majority vote of all members present in good standing who vote.

Article XI. Dissolution

In the event of the dissolution of this club, all funds in the treasury of the club shall be given to an organization selected by the Executive Board. The organization must be qualified as a nonprofit organization under the applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code.


Bylaws Committee: Barbara Minier